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Solvalley School – 0.45

– Prologue bug fixed
– 5 new scenes
– Free Story Mode available
The see the new scenes:
– you can simply choose “free story mode” and search for new scenes or:
scene 1: visit Aya’s house after her last event on 0.3
scene 2: use your phone to call the maid after Lara and Thays event
scene 3: look for Anastacia in the city square
scene 4: look for Tatiana in the library
scene 5: happens automatically after the previous scene
Comments: one of the common complaints is that the Solvalley scenes are very long. That’s why I’m trying to make more compact events. However, I still can not find a good rhythm, if you see the Anastacia scene, it seems like it’s very rushed. I wasn’t very happy with this particular scene and I will edit it for future versions.
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