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Simply Mindy – 3.5.0

This build is not QUITE so crazy as the last, and is, in fact, quite straightforward. Aside from fixes, it features two new things:

– One additional animation for each job in Finale Mode, which means twelve new animations there; and

– One new animation for each schooling class thing in Finale Mode. Previously it just rehashed old animations.

A short list, yes, but that means there are a whopping nineteen new animations in this build. And as long as you’ve got Finale Mode unlocked, it’s all available right from the get-go. Granted, all of them feature Shades, but they also feature Mindy and / or one of the other girls getting nailed, so… don’t complain. Just don’t.

Fixes and / or Changes

In addition to all those animations I spent some time on repairing things you guys brought up in regards to the last build, as well as a few other things. These include:

– There was some overlap in animations at the Mall during Darkly. This has been fixed.

– The final boss was supposed to have up to four crystals floating around their feet, dependent on how many bonuses you’d applied to Mindy when you started the game. They did not work properly the time ’round, alas. This has been remedied. (Also turns out that I’d borked health bonuses the boss was supposed to get, which was causing the crystal issues, so the boss is suddenly a fair bit beefier if you applied a lot of bonuses.

– Because I forgot two tiny snippets of code the final boss was unkillable by using the Gimme (not likely to happen anyway) and Morph (highly likely to come up) spells. You could do DAMAGE to the boss, but no killing. I’ve fixed this.

– As of the end of Finale Mode it’s possible for Mindy to wear two more outfits in cut scenes. I’ve added them to the Mindy that appears in the Options menu, and they will appear as part of the lineup if you complete the Finale Mode ending.

– For a long time the Immunologist Title had some funky effects attached to it that included giving enemies extra turns. I could never figure out why – until this week. It should work fine from here on in. Also turns out it wasn’t negating the Stunned status, which I’ve thrown in.

– Soo’s fight was going a little weirdly, and the screen transition wasn’t working properly when losing against her. She was also acting especially weird when the Immunologist Title was activated, largely (as far as I could tell) when she was using her falling hat attack thing. Fixed.

Please let me know if you encounter any more scene transition errors while playing the game. I’m not sure when it happened but the ending tags in several .xml files got yanked, and the only way to know they’re fucked is to attempt a scene transition. The fix is easy – literally copy and paste one word – but I need to know they’re borked in the first place.

– The Mummy’s normal attack rumbles and shakes the screen. Why? I don’t know, but I’m sure I had a damn good reason. I’ve grown tired of the rumble, however, so I’ve taken it out. Not because it made no goddamned sense at all, mind you. It totally does.

Thanks to everyone who pointed shiz out. Didn’t get a lot of bugs busted, but I think I at least handled the ones that could’ve fucked up the game. (EventSpawn left me a biggun for Finale Mode that I’ll have to handle for the next build. As ever, I fear his lists. So many little script problems… I’ll blame it on my computer’s stupid keyboard… yeah…)

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