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Shaping Her Future – 0.09.02

> Added an option to skip weekends, taking you to before the Sunday film.

> Rebalanced moods to make sadness less common and less of a rabbit hole.

> Moved affinity selection to the main UI.

> Added a counter for Lube, as well as an image for brith control.

> Fixed a few bugs, mainly one that prevented the ‘dildo’ scene from firing.

> Rebalanced some prices at the shop.

> Reduced the amount of experienced required to level up, especially at higher levels.

Changelog (0.09/0.10):

Re-coded the entire game.
New affinity/relationship system.
New segment time system.
New experience/level system.
New mood system.
New outfit system.
Re-worked Cafe job (skippable)

New Dressing Interaction
New Homework Interaction.

New Affinity: Girlfriend
New Affinity: Pet

New Location: Library

New Outfit: Thin White Dress
New Outfit: Flower Outfit (0.10 only)
New Outfit: Silk Red Pyjamas
New Outfit: Transparent Black Lingerie

New Scene: Anal Fingering
New Scene: Film Handjob
New Scene: Film Blowjob (0.10 only)
New Scene: Shirt Cuni (0.10 only)
New Scene: Solo Dildo
New Scene: Library (0.10 only)

Homework Reward: Flash Breasts
Homework Reward: Flash Panties
Homework Reward: Flash Pussy
Homework Reward: Fondle Breasts
Homework Reward: Fondle Pussy
Homework Reward: Handjob (0.10 only)

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