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Shades Of Elysium – 1.4.0

– Added 3 new Areas. [Player’s Apartment] [Nightingale 2ndFloor] [Nightingale PoolArea]
– Added 17 new NPCs and their unique spawn routines.
– Added Time System that work with NPC (and future events).
– Added new HUD display on useful informations
– Added Inventory System
– System Added Shop (Buy only)
– Added 34 Items and its unique effects, and some for future application such as gifting etc.
– Added Storage System
– Overhaul / Added Stats System [Play a part in unlocking some scenes]
– Added the ability to Masturbate.
– 1 BJ animation loop
– Jump enabled.
– Added ‘randomize color button in Character Creation
– Sprint toggle enabled (Ctrl

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