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Sex Gods – 0.9

  1. Changes:
    • New female monster (bear).
    • New inside view to the house of bears.
    • Female bear: four animations in monster world.
    • Male bear: three animations in monster world.
    • New item: bear broth.
    • New special scene system, you need talk with Cloy.
    • New special scene: male and female bears.
    • New Cheat Code (Auto complete DNA game with 50 DNA) .
    • New option: skip transformation scene.
    • New room in the second floor of the Rex’s house.
    • New look of futanari spell, if you use it after the woman of the park had an interaction with a monster that have the status ‘dirty cock’, the futanari spell will create a penis with foreskin.
  2. Fixed bugs:
    • If you have your sexual energy at max, when you load a game, your bottles look like they are empty.
    • If you first choose is the second girl of the park, that create a few bugs.
    • When your two monster characters ran low on energy and you use the first ability and tried to change characters, you didn’t have enough energy for the second scene and the game will be locked.
    • Untranslated button “Saltar escena” in the rex finishing scene.
    • The cell phone new message warning is always active when you load a game.
    • When you load a game, very often the mirror looks normal, even when you converted into a portal.
    • You can access the park more than one time if you press the park more than one time in the mini map.
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