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Sex Gods – 0.8

  • Changes:
    • New look of Rex.
    • New system function with the closet in your Bedroom, that allows you to change the look of Rex.
    • New scene for Rex and the woman of the park, to unlock it you need to have two monsters in your team or one monster with two unlocked scenes, then you will need to see the first scene of one monster and when the game shows you the options, you need to pick the option “Finish Her!”.
    • Two new spells for the book, you will see them when you play it.
    • Updated the woman of the park icon that is shown in the text box.
    • Updated the Cloy True form animation, now the breast have a better move.
    • Now you can access or activate an interactable object of the map when you click it, without the need of be next to it.
    • New cheat code, to fill all your sexual energy bottles.
    • New cost for the ‘Animapod’ item, now this item cost only 30 sexual energy points, cost before this change -> 150 energy points.
    • New configuration of the Rex movement, now Rex will follow to your keyboard before follow the mouse.
    • New fast walking option in the options menu or pressing the ‘shift’ key of the keyboard.
    • New functionality for the Cloy store and the Book of the divine Chi-Chi, to allows more items/spells.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Sometimes Rex could do the moon-walk.
    • Sometimes Rex didn’t stop moving if you interact with an item/object.
    • Sometimes Rex followed your released click / touch even though you reached the limits of the map or he hit an item.


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