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Sex Gods – 0.7

    • Second scene for Cloy.
    • New option (change character) between scenes.
    • New items system, a Box will be displayed on your cell phone.
    • The key of the mirror will be displayed on the items when you have it.
    • New item created – Animapod, this allows you to grow a level of any monster, you can buy it in the cloy’s store or you can earn it if you got more than 60 points in the DNA mini-game.
    • French translation added.
    • When you finish a scene, and if you can’t continue, the game will not show you the option: continue / end, now the scene will finish automatically.
    • Adjustment of cell flow.
    • The intro of the game will happen a little bit different, guiding the player to what to do if you try to leave the house.
    • To unlock any second scene, you only will need to get the level 3 and for the upcoming third scene you will need to get the level 10.
    • The monster transforming scene is a little different, now only flash 3 times and then a lot of bubbles will cover the human, transforming him into a monster.
    • Now you have an exit in the park at the right side of it.
    • If you play the game with text speed low or normal, the text will be shown from left-to-right.
    • All the hotkeys/tools, will be displayed with a small label on them.
    • Every scene have a skip button, even the first ones.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Character likes to continue moving even when not clicking anything.
    • In the DNA mini-game, sometimes the bubble was hiden below the borders of the map.
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