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Sex Gods – 0.6

  • Changes:
    • True form of Cloy.
    • Scene where Cloy is going to change of form.
    • Configuration to equip Cloy in your team.
    • Added Cloy first scene with the park woman.
    • Advance for the French translation (90%).
    • New ‘sexual energy’ system.
    • New Cloy’s store, where you can spend your sexual energy and this store will grow in upcoming releases.
    • New gameplay mode for the DNA mini-game where you can just click where you want to move the ball (only if you choose the mouse in the controls). It have one change, the ball doesn’t make a tail, instead the DNA will leave a fake DNA clone to confuse you.
    • The DNA mini-game display the time of each difficulty when you change it.
    • The DNA mini-game have an option to choose which control do you want to use, mouse or keyboard, if you choose mouse the game will be played with the new gameplay mode, if you choose the keyboard, the game will be the same as before (the snake game).
    • The DNA mini-game have a button to start the game to give you time to change difficulty and controls.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed bug in text of the celphone pictures and third entry of Cloy if you have the text speed on low or normal.
    • Fixed bug of the tools bar that don’t allow you to close the monsters team windows using the mouse, if you enter in the monster world with the tools bar displayed.
    • Fixed bug of the tools bar that don’t allow you to skip scenes of the woman in the park using the mouse, if you enter start the interaction with the tools bar displayed.
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