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Seeds Of Chaos – 0.2.38

Added the right half to the map of Rosaria
-Rastedel is here. You can now visit it in the top right part of the map, although access will be restricted until after you have completed goal 2 (capturing Raeve Keep)
-Three new story events that take place in Rastedel (Rowan’s Arrival, Visit to Court, and The Ball)
-Added a Rastedel debriefing scene, which includes a Jezera shibari sex scene
-Two new ruler events, including the arrival of the emissaries from the fae narrative if the player has met them out in the world
-One new event on the Helayna path, which is a sex scene (Rowan x Maid /w Helayna)
-Three new jobs events for Alexia, including two which feature Andras harassing her
-Fixed a number of small bugs and typos
-Four new CGs (Rowan x Tarish, Rowan x Draith, Rowan x Emma [with 7 variants], and Rowan x Liurial x Alexia)
-One new background (Rastedel Streets)
-New tiles to represent Rastedel on the world map
-Five new sprites (Baron Casimir, Duke Werden, Marianne, Patricia Crevette, and the mystery woman)

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