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Seeds Of Chaos – 0.2.36 Backer

– It is now possible to rescue Delane: A new menu of choices to plan the escape becomes available when the escape criteria has been met with a number of related events.
– The Delane escape event has been added, with two possible outcomes (success and failure)
– It is now possible to hunt for gifts after talking to Ulcro: a new option has been added to the main Orciad camp menu, with ten new related events.
– Two new ruler events, one new Alexia Job event (maid), and three new room events.
– Four new sex scenes (Rowan x Liural x Alexia, Rowan x Emma, Rowan x Delane, Shaya solo “performance”)
– Three new Fey events.
– Six new CGs (Andras x Alexia, Andras x Rowan, Jezera x Alexia, Jezera x Rowan, Rowan x Liurial, Dazzanath x Agatha)
– Three new sprites (Isdruel, Heartsong, Whitescar)

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