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Scoreville – 3.3.8

Update to .NET 4.6.1 (Windows XP no longer supported)
Fixed: Loading of very old Girlpacks (without ID)
Fixed: Loading of very old TwoGirlpacks (without first/second girl ID)
New: Phone girls will visit you at home, you have to search for them. This way spy scenes are possible.
New: Use your smartphone while driving. Buy one in the East Mall.
New: A girl will send you (dirty) selfies on the smartphone now and then. Be careful, if you text and drive.
New: More event filters (EyeColor, Piercings, MinCup, MaxCup)
New: Quick save with F5
New: Buy some web cams to install as hidden cam at girlfriend’s home, at your buddy or in the mansion. Watch the shows in mansion in the studyroom or via smartphone.
New: New locations named “Shopping” (in East Mall) and “HiddenCam” (for web cams).
New: Buy some new gifts for your girlfriend in the East Mall.
New: 7 bio data (birthday, measurements, interests, zodiac, country, tattoos, piercings) can be asked of each girl and are randomly checked after each flirt. New: Rolodex to keep up with all girls’ data. New in editor: Merge scenes New in editor: Birthday, which will calculate age and zodiac. You can later edit the age, in case the girl stopped working.
New in editor: Eye color, bust, cup, waist, hip and piercings.
New in editor: Alias names, in case the girl is listed under a different name somewhere else.
New in editor: Selfies, a group of images available at a given relationship level. New in editor: Web request for girl’s data.
New in editor: Options to exclude girl’s data from updating. New in scene editor: Check for 0-byte movie files.
New in scene editor: Calculate minimum arousal(s) based on previous positions. New in scene editor: On new location “HiddenCam” you can put only ONE file to the positions list.
New in lister: Check alias names, if filtering for a girl’s name. Changed: The mall was divided into East- and Westmall.
Changed: New handling of multiple cumshots, they will all be shown after simultaneous orgasms.
Changed: Savegames will now be stored in ..\Documents\My Games\Scoreville, this is a more prominent/visible location than \AppData. Old saves are automatically copied to new location.
Changed: Start-up time optimized, girlpacks are loaded much faster from cache. Changed in editor: Converted girlpacks will be saved to itself, a different file is no longer created.
Changed in editor: Read-only girlpacks will now be overwritten.

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