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School of Lust – 0.3a

ADDED] h-scene of Sofia (quest: Missing Sippy).
[ADDED] h-scene of Sofia, Claire & Zoe (random event: dormitory).
[ADDED] h-scene of Flora (quest: Flora in Trouble!).
[ADDED] h-scene of Nicole (quest: Who’s a Good Girl?).
[ADDED] h-scene of Aiyana (quest: Church in Need).
[ADDED] h-scene of Claire (quest: Blackmail #2).
[ADDED] h-scene of Natalie (random event: bathroom)
[ADDED] h-scene of Natalie (quest: Hypno Natalie #3).
[ADDED] the main quests; Urgent Request #3, Flora in Trouble!, Missing Sippy
[ADDED] the side quests; Hungry Old Man, Fixing the Leak, Who’s a Good Girl?, Church in Need, Blackmail #2, Hypno Natalie #3
[ADDED] interaction with Aiyana in the Church (she becomes available after day 21 and after completing the Who’s a Good Girl? quest).
[ADDED] the option to receive pictures by phone message and viewing them (which is currently only available during the Blackmail #2 quest).
[ADDED] the chance for antiandrogen or teddy bear bombs to drop from the chests in the Hole.
[ADDED] the farm map.
[ADDED] the “sex (toys) dungeon” map.
[ADDED] an “auto-shelver” to the Lust Toys shop, which allows you to automatically fill the shelves with items (sex toys) from your inventory. You can now also auto select an item for each individual shelf.
[ADDED] a (door panel) hacking mini-game (currently only available in the dormitory).
[ADDED] a stealth mini game (currently only available in the dormitory).
[ADDED] playing endlessly and removed the lever in the bedroom.
[ADDED] being able to enter the Hole during the afternoon as well (after the 22nd day).
[ADDED] preview images to the memories map. If you use mouse controls, you can hover over the memory torches for the images to show up. If you use a keyboard/controller you have to disable “Hide Text Label” in the options screen first (you should seriously consider playing the game with a mouse though – don’t be so stubborn!).
[ADDED] the option to view character information on the Contacts page (on the phone menu) by selecting a character. You can also view the characters in their underwear (romance 2+) or view them naked (romance 4+). Changing the clothing options are not yet available for Aiyana, Nicole and Dunia. Please note that the character information page will be expanded on in the future (showing more relevant information, e.g. which type of gifts they would accept).
[ADDED] a 6th & 7th floor to the Hole. The rooms on the 7th floor are ‘randomly generated’, which allows you to repeat doing it as often as you want (until the next expansion of the Hole). There’s also a fun challenge to the north of the 7th floor (requires 5 rusty keys to unlock).

[CHANGED] the amount of interactions required to destroy vases in the Hole. Instead of a fixed 3 interactions to destroy a vase, it’s now a random amount between 1-3 interactions.
[CHANGED] Soda Drink, which now reduce arousal levels by 5-10%, as an alternative to masturbation to reduce arousal levels outside the Hole. (TIL: Soda drink reduces arousal levels.)
[CHANGED] Sofia’s nickname to Sippy (instead of Chocolate) on the character introduction scene.
[CHANGED] the color of the water in the Hole, to fit the narrative.
[CHANGED] the help page on the phone menu. All help options are now available.
[CHANGED] the save names. They will now display the location you’ve saved. Note that the location will only display on new saves.
[CHANGED] the maximum amount of teddy bear bombs and antiandrogen that you can keep in your inventory to 5. The nurse won’t sell you any more and the chests in the Hole won’t drop any more if you already have 5 in your inventory.
[CHANGED] switching to the alter-ego, as sleeping now always switches him back to normal. Also, no longer able to switch to alter-ego on day 41 (evening), as it was causing problems with the “Illegal Alien” quest.
[CHANGED] Flora drunk on bed scene. Revamped the artwork completely, as we didn’t think the quality was on par with the other scenes.
[CHANGED] the hurdle mini-game. Made it more reasonable and less frustrating (faster, but less hurdles and jump further).
[CHANGED] the street lights, as they will no longer light up during the day (waste of electricity!).
[CHANGED] Nicole’s boob physics. We made them bouncier! A small change, but a huge difference.
[CHANGED] background screen (map) during transparent animations. The background turns black and white and dims a bit, to keep the focus on the animations.
[CHANGED] not being able to enter home through the backdoor. It no longer forces you to use the front door (which was an unnecessary annoyance).
[CHANGED] when selecting Hartfort on the world map, while not wearing a school uniform, no longer forces you back to the world map (which was – yet again – an unnecessary annoyance).
[CHANGED] the quest log, where it now shows the “in-progress” quests by default (instead of “all”). To change the quest filter, use your arrow keys on the quest page (we’re working to add mouse controls to this one).
[CHANGED] performance, which should be significantly improved over v0.2.

[FIXED] the lighting mask when entering the memories map (h-scenes map). The memories map is no longer pitch black during the night.
[FIXED] returning from the Hole through the entrance would always put you back in school, even if you entered through the Garage.
[FIXED] romance levels not automatically updating. Although the romance levels were correctly displayed on the Contacts screen (on the menu), they were not stored correctly, which made it impossible to complete future quests requiring a certain romance level.
[FIXED] being able to get stuck between your classmates in the swimming pool.
[FIXED] the eyes of the girls not showing pupils (e.g. hypnosis eyes) by default when they have a surprised expression.
[FIXED] unable to fast travel to town after leaving Harfort the first day.
[FIXED] the switch to Alter-Ego not triggering automatically. This should also resolve the issue for older save files.
[FIXED] the mini map blocking the “Floor #” UI text in the Hole, by changing the position to the right.
[FIXED] the anomaly (pixels) around the mini map in the Hole.
[FIXED] possibility to get kicked out of the Hole, when reaching 100 arousal level right after defeating the “boss student”, thus not being able to loot the Magic Book (!).
[FIXED] Dunia’s animated bust. Her headscarf no longer disappears when she moves, and the “wetness” on her clothes no longer stay static and move alongside her clothes, eyes can angle to the right now as well etc. etc..
[FIXED] Nicole’s animated bust. Expressions weren’t correctly implemented, and had some other texture issues (e.g. no blushing, hypno eyes etc.)
[FIXED] Zoes animated bust. Her blush texture had a mind on its own, and would float away from her face.
[FIXED] Gip groping scene showing up when entering the living room even after having done the event already.
[FIXED] being able to leave the neighborhood, when Dunia appears for the first time.
[FIXED] not being able to go outside in your underwear/shorts, when Dunia appears for the first time.
[FIXED] when placing items on the shelves in the Lust Toys shop, the arousal meter to the top right no longer blocking the item selection window.
[FIXED] blood pool showing in the basement. This wasn’t supposed to appear until Dunia’s event starts.
[FIXED] question marker on top of Gip not disappearing in front of the lust toys shop.
[FIXED] animation not disappearing after talking to Claire in the library.

[REMOVED] certain events that were only supposed to be present in the developer’s build (for testing purposes).
[REMOVED] the “Other $100” option from Flora’s booth scene.
[REMOVED] the eye reflection of the girls when they’re under hypnosis.

[KNOWN BUG] when skipping forward (by holding your left mouse button or space/enter key to skip the dialogue), the animated busts can disappear or go bust (pun intended).‚Äč

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