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Saturday Night – 2

This week end I had to close quests, they will have prevented you from advancing in the game.
There are a few things missing, I’ll try to add them this week.
You must restart the game at the beginning. The old savegames will not work.
More about the new version.
-New customers and quests
To help you, the first customers tell you what he is looking for, later,it will be more difficult.
-View from the sky to find the customers.
-Add Items, inventory and wallet.
-New map : An alley. (The quest was deactivated)
-option “SPEAK” with customers.
-Added various animations in the club to make it more “alive”.
-Kyle is a great help.
-It lacks translation checks to do.

For those who have not read the previous information, it is a beta version.
This version is limited, most things are disabled and closed.
The first customers of the game gives access to other customers or events according to your choice.
If no bug is encountered with the first mission, the rest of the game should be easy.
If everyone reaches the end without any problems, the final version will be “Normally” next week.
The translation was not checked.
The dialogues will be modified.
Some pictures will be redone, Naomi’s hair is limited in movement.
The old backups does not work.
If you need help, talk to Kyle.
All critics are welcome.

Too fast,too slow, incoherent story etc….
If several people are of the same opinion, the scenario can be modified.

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