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Roundscape Adorevia – 4.1A


  • Secret Snowman fight no longer results in a crash
  • The Spirits X Female PC scene no longer gets the pictures stuck at the end
  • The Male PC X Maid scene no longer gets the pictures stuck at the end
  • The new Succubus scene no longer repeats itself
  • Noble Origin Dialogue Trees fixed

New Quest – G’linda and her loyal companion are lost in the forests of Oakshire! Will you be able to help them? Includes one new erotic scene per gender!
New Companion Quest – Help Gajah fight back the primal beastmen as the two of go on a dangerous journey deep into the jungles of Laroavia. Includes one new erotic scene. Available in Act 3.
Five new castle NPCs you can recruit through the new quests and encounters!
New Encounter – Visit from the deep forests? Who could it be? Includes one new erotic scene per gender. Available after Zent’s Companion Quest.
New Encounter – Our succubus did something she wasn’t allowed to and she wants more. Includes a new erotic scene.
New Encounter – Female PC Path added for Katelyn. Includes one new erotic scene for female PCs.
New Encounter – Your personal Maid! Every castle needs someone to keep it spick and span. This lovely blonde maid will help you out in all regards. Includes two new erotic scenes for male PCs. Available in Act 2.
New Encounter – Castle Spirits!? Include a new erotic scene for pregnant female PCs.

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