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Rogue-like: Evolution – 0.981f

This should hopefully fix the ” list index out of range ” errors that surrounded the sleepover system. It may not fix saves that are already into the “morning” phase, but should at least fix new sleepover attempts. If the errors keep coming, I’ll try something else. ;) I should point out, if those errors do keep occurring, I don’t need the full traceback, just let me know the first bit where it says the file and line number and type of error.

It also makes some tweaks to the clothing girls wear while in the shower room, I made some changes intended to prevent them staying in their towels all day, but they may have gone a bit further than necessary, so I scaled it back. Let me know if there are still cases of the girls showing up in towels in places where this is unexpected. I also made a tweak that should correct issues in which while the girls were masturbating, if you came they would get out of position, and not return to their intended positions afterward.

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