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Rogue-like: Evolution – 0.981b

For those of you new to the community, I want to make clear that the first releases of a new version will likely be highly buggy, crash-filled messes. They are essentially a beta test of the build, not fit for casual consumption. If it would bother you to get halfway through a scene and the game crashes, this won’t be the build for you. :) Over the first few days of its release, I expect to put out several builds to cover immediate bugs, and hopefully work to a more stable version within a week or so. When it seems to work in a stable way, I’ll let everyone know, so if you just want to have casual fun with the game, I recommend you wait until then.

If you do encounter bugs, I’d appreciate you either post in the release thread to that version, or private message me about it. There will typically be an error message with any crash, a first bit followed by a “full traceback” which can be much longer. I recommend you don’t post the full traceback unless asked to do so, the portion before that is typically plenty to find the problem. It can also help to know the sequence of events leading up to an error occurring, or as complete a description possible of a non-crashing error, but I can ask follow-up questions if I don’t understand or can’t narrow it down. The point of the buggy versions is to find and fix as many of them as possible, so please do let me know.

New content/features:

– An intro/cameo for the next girl in the franchise. It’s just a short scene, around 200 lines of code, nothing too sexual, so don’t get your hopes up, but it should give you an idea how she looks and acts. We’ll be discussing her more as we move into the version after this one.
– Titjob scene for Kitty
– Rogue’s sex scenes can now involve her torn hose/tights or her stockings with garterbelt. The art for this didn’t work in previous builds so it was disabled, but I fixed it.
– Emma’s relationship scenes are in, they should happen automatically as you hit milestones (should hit fairly rapidly if you have an existing save), or in some cases can be accessed from her Chat menu.
– I changed the way relationships work slightly, now, if you are already dating one girl, any girl, and get too cozy with another girl, the first will approach you and either wave you off or give you permission to bring her into the relationship, do what you will with that advice. If you’re dating two or more girls and are getting cozy with a third, a slightly different scene will play out relating to that. I haven’t fully implemented all the details I want with this system either, beyond basically getting the ball rolling, but eventually there will be more scenes and conversations based around who is in your “harem.” If girls give you hassles about this, just work to raise their stats, or to make them more comfortable with the newer girl. Let me know if anything weird happens on established saves, but it should adapt.
– Emma’s Room now exists, you can visit her there, do the other room-based activities.
– I updated the studying system to be more adaptive. You should be able to study with multiple girls, and in some cases have encounters with one or both when you do. If Emma is there (and cool with it) there are some slight differences.
– I updated the sleepover elements to make them more adaptive as well, compatible girls will be fine with both sleeping over now, and hijinks can ensue.
– I updated the some of the orgasm animations allowing both Kitty and Emma to take cum in the mouth while giving titjobs, without changing poses first. Hopefully this works out without too many glitches.
– I updated the classroom adjacency system. This will allow theoretically infinite girls to be present in the class, without overly taxing the system. Now one or two girls can sit next to you (or you next to them), and that will determine most things that take place there, while other girls are just “nearby” and mostly ignored, unless you choose to bring them into things. This system is not completely filled out, I plan to have more events proc off of it, and give you more control over shifting girls in and out of your orbit, but the underlying systems are in now.
– I tweaked the way scene refreshes are displayed to remove some default transitions that I believe were slowing things down. You should hopefully notice less lag, primarily on main room menus, and when entering a room especially.
-Various other little bug changes here or there, like some glitchy art or dialog.

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