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Rick And Morty: A Way Back Home – 1.6

It’s a more Halloween focused patch. We’ve got 4 events again
(To start these events, Talk to Summer and the other one you can start by talking to Morticia.)
-Summer Event
-Tricia Event
-Jessica Event
-Morticia event
I was a bit in a hurry while making this patch to make it by Halloween, sadly I’m a couple of hours late, unless you live in LA, then you’re golden! Anyway, I’ll very likely update a couple of things on this patch since I didn’t have time to add them, things like (Decorations, Morticia moving around etc.) Also, originally I wasn’t planning on making any animations for this patch, but I like how a couple of the scenes turned out so I might reconsider and do it later this week. (I’ll make a poll for you guys to vote which one you think should get animated.)
I’m also excited to announce that I’m currently in the middle of making the replay scenarios feature which I’ve been asked for a number of times. Hopefully it’ll be ready by next patch.

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