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Rack 2 – 0.2.6b

– The primary purpose of this build is to try to track down the TriLib / DAE loading bug that is preventing the game from running for some (but not all) users on all operating systems. TriLib has been updated, and the relevant code has been laced with some exception handlers to try to help me find the bug. If you get a warning/error about TriLib failing to load DAE files, please send me your output_log.txt file!

– Equipping the cock ring no longer throws an unhandled exception, but it is temporarily only possible to equip it by dropping it on the penis (not the shaft).

– Some scaling/physics issues for butts and bellies have been fixed.

– Several additional options have been added to the Graphics and Options settings:

– The lower range on bloom has been reduced and improved

– Chromatic abberation is now adjustable

– Player orgasm/pleasure effects are now togglable (and the ridiculous camera zoom bug is fixed)

– Camera shake / cam follow effects are now adjustable

– Motion blur is now adjustable

– The tutorial drone can now be disabled in options

– The size of the cum decal pool is now adjustable, allowing cum decals to stay in the world longer. Please note that while it’s possible to INCREASE the size of the pool at runtime (make decals last longer, which is worse for performance), reducing the size of the pool (for better performance) requires a game restart, for now.

– Vsync can now be toggled, and is on by default. Please note that when Vsync is disabled, the game will as much CPU/GPU processing power as it possibly can, which is probably unwise for laptops with battery concerns, or if you don’t want a furry porn game hogging 100% of your hardware.

– The laggy frame skipper can now be tweaked, and the system has been adjusted to prevent the “smear stutter” bug.

– The “Test Subject Emotes” option is now working as expected, disabling the (buggy, annoying, and unfinished) test subject dialogue bubbles.

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