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Queen’s Brothel – 0.6.3


  • The King of Avia now has an image
  • Button sizes reduced

Gameplay Updates

  • Successful boss runs will start being tracked starting with this update
  • Rooms – New brothel mechanic
    • Rooms are like traditional brothel type games. You hire girls to work in these rooms and you get paid.
      The difference in Queen’s Brothel is that the room can hold up to 20 girls, with a total of 10 rooms.
      With each day that passes, you earn a profit and the room becomes dirtier than it was the day before.
      A dirty room causes the profit to go down (and even into the negatives).
    • The amount of women available to hire is dependent on how many quests you have done. Some quests give you more girls, some don’t. The max is 20 per unique area. Clicking on the women available text will show you your progress.
    • The amount of clients available is dependent on how many clients there are in the main brothel. The only clients that affect the room clients are the non-special clients.
      • To get 20/20 clients you need to have the maximum building upgrade for that resident and to have fucked the resident for multiple days until no more stacks occur.
    • Cleanliness reduces the amount of income you receive. The amount of profit you lose is calculated using the exponential function x2 / 100
      Where x is how dirty the room is from 0 – 10
      The amount of profit you lose is equal to this equation multiplied by how many women are working in the room
    • How dirty a room gets each day is equal to how many women are in the room multiplied by a decay variable:
      • Room Size 5: 0.15
      • Room Size 10: 0.12
      • Room Size 15: 0.09
      • Room Size 20: 0.06
    • Upkeep is determined by how many women are in the room multiplied by:
      • Room Size 5: 5
      • Room Size 10: 10
      • Room Size 15: 15
      • Room Size 20: 20
    • Upgrading a room increases the income, upkeep, and size. Upgrading a room costs:
      • Room Size 5 -> 10: 1,400
      • Room Size 10 -> 15: 4,000
      • Room Size 15 -> 20: 10,000
    • Cleaning a room costs 0.1 stamina per girl. For each girl that cleans the room, the cleanliness will go up 6.25%
    • The current variables are subject to change. The rooms are not perfect and they will need tuning as the story progresses.
    • The text in the room menu is clickable to show more information. Please click those to get a better idea on how the rooms work.
  • If you are going to level up from fucking a client, the whole progress bar will turn pink

Bug fixes

  • Switching boss difficulties when you haven’t selected a boss won’t cause a console error
  • Body part experience text won’t glitch out when switching to other girls/skills
  • Using all stamina won’t make the girl have -1 stamina
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