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Queen’s Brothel – 0.6.1


  • Sex scenes added in Scarlett’s quest
  • Goblin boss battle sex scenes updated to multiple images instead of one gangbang animation
  • Peasants boss battle sex scenes updated
  • Suki’s PoV sex scene with Daniel updated to look a lot better
  • Esxea’s gangbang sex scene updated to make her face look better
  • Container buttons have animations when hovering over them

Gameplay Updates

  • Removed timer in brothel
  • “Use all stamina” button added to brothel which allows you to use all of the girl’s stamina on the selected client, assuming there are enough client stacks for the girl to fuck
  • Added helpers for the “Fuck on Click” and “Use all Stamina” buttons
  • Items received during quests now have a notifcation popup
  • Algorithm used for stamina gain by fucking clients changed
    • STAMINA_GAIN changed from 0.07 to 0.08
      For example:
      Clients needed to go from 0 stamina to 1 stamina gain went from 205 to 157
      Clients needed to go from 1 stamina to 2 stamina gain went from 817 to 625
      Use the algorithm to repeat the process
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