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Queen’s Brothel – 0.5.1 Alpha

Gameplay Updates

  • Completely new story
  • No monthly payment from Geoff anymore
  • Boss Battles
    • Following the main story, you’ll come across boss battles
    • The goal of the battle is to raise the boss’s cum meter to 100%
    • The battles are turn based
    • Each turn you get to choose to stay as the current girl, switch, use a dildo, or use an item
    • Each boss is different, but the boss will target specific body parts
    • Depending on the girl’s stats, the cum meter will grow
    • The girl will lose stamina in return, the amount lost is also decided by the girl’s stats
    • Girls that are not being fucked by the boss will regenerate stamina each turn
    • The amount of stamina they recover is equal to their base stamina recovery stat + any items/clothes
    • Exp is rewarded for each girl that fucks the boss
    • Each time a girl fucks the boss, their body part is tallied by 1. After the battle is over, they gain exp equal to the tally point * a multiplier constant
  • Dildos
    • Dildos are special items that are obtained from beating bosses
    • Each dildo gives different stats for daily use
    • Dildos have special powers, using them in battle will give certain benefits
    • There is a cooldown so use them wisely!
  • The mayor is a respectable man who would never touch a woman other than his wife! He is replaced by the Principal as a level 5 client.
  • Queen’s passive has been changed
    • The minimum amount of gold she can steal is the client’s gold divided by 4
    • The maximum amount of gold she can steal is the client’s gold divided by 2
  • Suki’s base pussy level is 10, but her default clothes give +3
  • Stamina gain changed to 0.07 (Need to fuck more clients to raise base stamina)

New Features

  • Your previous save files will not work
  • You can export/import your save files now
  • The map works differently
    • The map bounds are static at 1920×1080
    • No more transitions when moving throughout the map
    • Now the game is not limited by its bounds
  • Sorting is done by region now
  • Clients have region icons on the top left
  • Quantity setting added to item shops
  • Dialogue emotions
  • Progress bars look nicer

Bug Fixes

  • Quantity feature in shops is now working properly
  • Fading won’t break the game
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