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Project Cappuccino – 1.11.0

November is here! We’ll be posting the build as soon as it finishes uploading. In the mean time, here’s the change log for v1.11.0

Colette Images added to the Gallery: Only ones missing for her now are the ones that were created during this month.

Cerise Added to Room 1: All toys are functioning and she can now be selected in Free Play mode. Her story encounters are coming up soon in Chapter 4.

Mira Added to Room 2: All toys are functioning and she can now be selected in Free Play mode.

New Results Screen Added to Sessions: Finishing an encounter in Story Mode will now show you everything that happened as a result. It calculates and displays the amount of stress that has been reduced, Love Tokens earned from the session, how much the character liked the encounter and any bonuses to Love Tokens and Standing.

Pleasing a character and using toys that they enjoy will lead to a standing bonus as well as a love token bonus.

A behind the scenes “experience” rating tracks how much a character enjoys a session. The more hearts you’re able to get, the more they will like the session, leading to gaining bonuses when finishing. On the other hand, if you get too many negative marks, it’ll reduce it.

Modified Egg Vibrator: Now causes displeasure when constantly used for too long. This was done to prevent abusing it in order to dramatically increase how much a girl enjoys a session.

New Story CG added to Colette Route: Can be triggered during the night in Cerise’s guest room. Has three skin tone variants depending on the player choice. The scene dialogue here has also been extended.

Looping now available from Day 1: Reaching the end of the currently available story routes will give you the option to restart from Day 1 as well as Day 7. Money and standing will be retained.

Using the charm on Mira now causes her to hate you: Standing drops by about 35 points. (4 ½ hearts.)


Fixed “Delete All” Data Bug: Deleting all data from the main menu was not properly clearing Love Tokens in the gallery until relaunching the game. Now clears file properly without having to relaunch.

Fixed Gallery Unlock Bug: Unlocking images, quitting the game, relaunching and then unlocking another would cause an overwrite of all previously unlocked images.

Fixed Screen Fade Bug: Opening any of the menus while the game was in the middle of fading between scenes would cause the black overlay to get stuck, sometimes preventing progress. Menu buttons have been disabled during screen fades to prevent this issue.

Adjusted Settings Button Size: Forgot to apply this during the last patch to some of the menus.

Fixed Options Title: It had been accidentally changed to “Standings” during testing.

Fixed Day 8 Bug: Day would be entirely skipped and it would never play Mira’s reveal.

Fixed Room 2 Request Bubble Bug: Cerise’s request bubble was appearing instantly when starting a session in Free Play mode.

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