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Portals of Pheroeon –

– Characters won’t be removed automatically, but work less efficiently with low morale. Overexertion reduces morale
– Possible to buy different rooms + upgrade their capacity
– Can select settings for those rooms and assign characters to them
– Characters have a base brothel value, consisting of all relevant stats (previously the income when working there) which only affects the rooms appeal now
– Things like average beauty, highest sexskills etc. affect the appeal based on settings
– There is a limited amount of customers in the brothel each day
– They are split into groups based on gender and richness, which will also affect the visitors in brothel-shows
– Customer count changes naturally based on satisfied percentage of customers
– Madam profession starts with 2 rooms + bonuses to brothel appeal/value

Character management:
– Characters have an assigned living place, which affects exhaustion removal etc.
– characters without, restore significantly less exhaustion. Discourages having too many characters and enables special focus on a few active characters
– You can change a characters salary, giving small daily morale boosts + a one time big boost/reduction when changed
– Exhaustion is reduced even when not resting. Resting doubles the amount instead
– Possible to assign other things than resting for idle characters (hunting for food, training etc.)
– Non humanoid characters only need food. (no money, housing capacity etc.)
– easier to use character-detail menu(D) menu: can quickly cycle through characters (based on location), assign equipment, livingplace, salary etc.+ hotkeys for most things

– Possible to arrange specific ranked battles for money
– removed some unnecessary stats for preferences (personality/Species/sizes)
– new unique character
– resource tab now shows actual changes from the last day rather than predicted changes for the current day, guaranteed changes still listed as tooltip

Balancing (bigger changes):
– many things are generally less extreme: easier to get to okay values, harder to get ridiculous values
– money is generally harder to get (brothel changes, items sell for less), but most daily things cost less
– levels for evolution special forms increase based on percentages instead of the base stats (hopefully prevents the ridiculous mid-lategame stats)
– bigger variance in portal hostility, average scales slower
– reduced overworld building costs (also possible to choose wood or stone for roads). roads reduce random encounters more
– high gene values don’t increase stats as much as slightly lower values (e.g. previously gene value of 10 would get almost double stats than 9)
– characters hired in brothel shows have better stats/genes (based on richness)
– resource buildings are cheaper/ weight of resources increased/ money weighs nothing
– only lose half your resources when fleeing
– can select more crystals for each egg

+ many bugfixes/smaller balance changes

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