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Portals of Pheroeon –

– new Combat UI (full party visible, icons for effects etc…)
– basic Settings menu
– new Town character for portals location (relation increases by claiming portal rewards)
– different save types selectable (cheat “unlimited” to revert to the easiest option (counts as cheating though))
– brothel capacity limit (trying to make it less appealing to handle a boringly large amount of characters)
– shop prices decrease based on relation
– items are rarer and their value is increased
– master/god level sexSkills and prostitute profession reduce apCosts for fucking
– 2 new special hybrid
– some new skills
– possible to fuse (high morale) characters for 100% “breeding” chance and doubled rolls for stats (mostly testing how it plays like this, might restrict it to one mc or remove it).(Also a way to get rid of excess characters in a useful way)
– more things affect morale: combat wins, personalities, spending time with characters increases their morale based on your relation etc.
– forests decrease vision/ mountains increase it
– quicksaves/load hotkeys f5/f8
– Cycle through enemies with “ctrl” ,like allies with “tab” (now also centers camera)
– most unique characters have lower genes, because they start with maxlv 20
– some artChanges
– many other small changes/balancing/bugfixes etc.

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