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PlayHome – 1.1b

This is the content which adds the following data and function to “Play Home”.
In order to play, “Play Home” needs to be installed.

○ Costume data
· Tops WS Open Shoulder Pattern (color)
· Bottoms WS skirt pattern (color)

○ hair style data
· Bangs Shaggy
· Short hair short

○ H posture
· Resistant service bending
· Leopard change service buttocks
· Weakness service bending

○ Costume card PH_WS open shoulder.png
PH_WS open shoulder pattern.png

○ Addition of function
· Chara card upload function was added.
· The function to exchange H parties and visitors was added.
· We made it display what is set in hair, clothes, accessories.
– Add blank save at the time of save data creation and comment takeover at overwrite added.
· Config – Screen Effect – Added brightness adjustment to automatic exposure.
· An echo effect has been added to the bath map.

○ Adjustment and correction
· Adjusted the auto movement of the H pad.
· Adjusted semen representation.
· Fixed the Japanese room map.
– Weakness – Fixed position that is not correctly displayed at the time of pulling out after crawling the inside of the system.
· Fixed limit value of eye gaze and texture of eyes.
– The man’s custom is not applied The H position has been corrected.
– Fixed a problem that the pantyhose “Bondage Garter” can not be switched during H switching.

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