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Perverted Hotel – 1.37

What to expect:
+ 3000+ CG!
+ Only 400 mb! (Compressed- Uncompromised Resolution Version)
+ Choose what relationship the characters have with you!
+ 2 Extra Scenes!
+ 2 Animations!
+ 1 H Scene!
+ Better play choices options

– Redid earlier CG which were out of focus and troublesome
– Added a new system to allow players choose what relation exists between them and the characters.
– Added required censorship
– Fixed spelling errors, formatting issues, and labels
– Added return button for Spa and Jacuzzi
– Added choice room for Spa and Jacuzzi
– Added in Option to leave Brooke’s room following completion of scenes.
– Added in Spa scene with Alexa and Brooke
– Added 2 BJ Animations with Brooke
– Added 1 Urination Fetish H-scene with Brooke
– Added 10+ additional CG with Vertical Scroll
– Included Linux Distributions
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