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Pervert Action: Legacy – 1.12.0

The three remaining collector card achievements have been implemented! Hunt for them by engaging in a wide array of battles and by making good use of animal totems. (3 pics.)
The “card” command now covers all the new cards, allowing you to view the cards again after you’ve earned them.
There are four new monster powers: draining, terrifying, damned and aggravating. These create new status effects on the maid: drained, frightened, cursed and berserk.
Added a replacement pic for choosing the maids’ jobs in the morning.
Fixed a bug in which the indicator for the Iku/Kimiko ending option wasn’t showing up after the final battle.
A range of new optional Hiroshi content:
There is a new fourth stage for Hiroshi’s night service requests in the billiard room with each of the maids, going further than the requests had before! (7 pics total.)
There’s a special Iku/Kim/Hiroshi scene if you’ve unlocked the Iku/Kim scene and followed a Hiroshi path for each of them. (3 pics.)
Now in Fumi, Iku and Kimiko’s one-on-one endings, if you’ve followed one of their Hiroshi branches, Kenji will briefly reflect on what that might mean for the future. (Also in the Kim/Iku ending.)
There’s some pictures and an outline from a cut “Hiroshi wins” ending now available in the victory suite. (2 pics.)
There’s another picture in the scene between Iku and Hiroshi introduced last month, in the kitchen.
Accepting Hiroshi’s requests for night service will no longer cut off the ending with the appropriate maid, but it will have a harsher love penalty the first time you do it.

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