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Personal Trainer – 0.25

Android port
I just finished porting 0.25 to Android. First an apology, the images are not down-scaled and compressed to make the file size smaller. The text background is that annoying default Ren’Py white that makes reading light text difficult. I have no idea if this will be compatible with the unofficial Android ports. Finally, I’ve done some light testing to see if it works on my phone. I’d love to do more extensive testing but it’s 3am and I need to be up for work in a few hours.

I will be looking to take care of all these issues for future Android releases. My main goal here was to put together a quick fix to let you guys see the latest version asap.

Thank you guys for your patience and another huge sorry for this mess!

(About 200 renders and 4 animations)

– New Sophie Events
– New Dani Events
– New Amy Repeatable Scenes at her house
– New Amy Locker Scene
– 2 New Random Interactions
– Added an option for MC to enjoy his interaction with the large woman in the locker room

– Fixed a bug where advancing time in a closed location did not open it

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