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Patronus – Alpha 2.0

Major New / Updated Features
32 Bit improvements – We now have a working 32 bit build under test
Boobjob scene – 90%+ complete, needs tweaks, uses new animation style
New scene dialog for sex/training scenes – Under development
New/replaced culture strings – Not started
First Fasti Quest – Not started
Initial baths loop – Under development
Integrate entirely new skill system rewrite – Done

Minor New Features
Guards at bordello – Done, with place holding dialog
Interact at baths and hidden location – Done, with place holding dialog
Add initial tutorial quest – Done
Fix many tutorial issues and timing – Done

Bug Report
Currently 56 listed issues
25 open, 28 closed

Art Report
All major art complete
New dresses complete
New jewelry complete
Additional plebs complete
Initial senators, more guards, husband, etc under development

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