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Parasite Infection – 2.42b

– Unique infestation scenes for each store

– Stores are part of the data structure

– Stores have a patronage value which will infect/infest the city at a certain rate, which will be displayed somewhere in game once I get the mechanism running

– Fixed some grammar in sex passages (not all errors were caught here)

– Can now only infect 1-2 places per day

– Fixed Julie’s art to properly display pregnancy and breast sizes

– Updated Sandra’s art

– Updated credits

– Some text cosmetic fixes in part 1

– Used to have a bug where incubating werms would be detected as a full cock for sex scenes, that has been fixed

– Fixed parasites carrying over from part 1 to part 2 when going through ‘normal’ plotline

– Fixed breast infest art displaying based on gender rather than breast size

– Bug fix – mouthwerm breastfuck was targeting “breast” rather than “breasts”

– Fixed music for Tracie’s room

– Fixed music for some infestations in Gabrielle’s lab and Robyn’s changing room

– Made changes to breast size reset when using escape pod to advance

– Fixed Mall Infest sequences exiting directly to dining room rather than advancing time

– Spaceship is… technically visitable now but still no important plot advances in this update

There’s a comment about going back to the simple version. I understand your feeling, but I like it better the way its going now. But I want to clarify some stuff. For the sex menu, typically I don’t even read the paragraphs, and I just sort of spam-click through right now. It will be better balanced in the future but for now the stats are still not that important. But I actually like it better this way than the way it was before. And once I get to the balancing, it should get even better.

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