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Parasite Infection – 2.31f

– Infesting a person with a parasite now changes their status to infested immediately

– Updated Quinn and Tracie (lesbian girl)

– Tracie doesn’t have a profile pic yet

– Because there’s no way to mind control Tracie, her behavior is set to never get caught

– Added altar for Tracie’s pathway – can convert parasites from werms into other forms

– Access altar by having C-cup breasts and being fully female when talking to Tracie (hard to access as male start)

– Quinn office takeover works

– Fixed gender issue for part 2

– Altered parasite canisters to spawn faster and have same pattern for both genders

– Tracie is accessible on any day now

– Updated infection description

– Fixed main character force resetting every day

– Fixed characters losing 60 resistance multiple times due to infection (should only happen once now)

– Werm incubation in NPC ass/stomach now correctly shows

– Added description to infest neck and fuck their neck

– People getting caught and cured should work correctly

– Infesting peoples necks with werms now sets their behavior to help you against being caught (temporary fix, will be changed again in the future)

– Strip club reworked, Robyn should be working correctly

– Rearranged canister parasites to make more sense

– Fixed massage parlor <<if>> error

– Claire sex ed is now working, accessible by fucking her neck and altering her thoughts

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