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Parasite Infection – 2.31

Altered part 2 Julie, Jessica, and Sandra with a new system of infestation
– Rooms are now objects that have their own variables. Rooms can be infected. An infected room has a 60% chance to infect the occupant during the day.
– Direct infestation will now be % based on target resistance and main character ability.
– Rooms can be trapped with multiple parasites. Additional parasites cause % success chance of stealth infestation to increase. Also, more than 1 hole may be infested. Chance of multi-hole infestations has diminished success. For instance, if you use 8 werms it’s an initial 80% success chance for first infestation, then 40% chance to infest the next hole, then 20% chance for the third. To be honest it’s not that important yet but may be in the future.
– Since tons of werms are needed, they now birth after 1 day and will asexually reproduce from every orifice. I’ll put in a better system for werm collection so that parasites get rounded up during the wake sequence.

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