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Pact With A Witch – 0.8.04C

– All text written in spanish in the game is now available in ENGLISH.
– Last date at the BEACH with DIDAC is translated (what´s done so far, about 50% of the date).
– Sex-battle with Didac is updated, enhanced and translated. (2nd and 3rd position are not done yet, neither is done yet her expressions nor the penetration dialogues, I hope they will be done for the end of next month 🙂 ).
– There´s a tutorial now before starting the mini-game, I hope it helps.
– Added some music and sounds, specially on the date with Busty Woman at museum (as well as painted backgrounds).
– New painted art around the game.
– New Hot fix, I hope this time works… please tell me if you see anything. Thanks! (Remember, description for Vaginal sex is still in process, but animations and results “should” work).

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