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Paccsu – 0.06

1. Slime Forest & Slime Swamp + Kallo Tower!

– Namu is going after the Head Sorceress Maht’ava to secure the Earth Orb before the evil forces get to it first.
New monsters:

– Slime Corrupted, Slime Spawn, Slime Sisters, Slime Warrior and Slimewall “The Mommy”

These slimes have new lewd scenes! (2 animated, 1 non-animated, 1 special boob squirt attack) (Regular green slimes have lewd scenes aswell)

All the slimes have a chance to drop new and rare loot!

2. Spooky Pelotta’va Mansion (Optional quest!)

– There are some spooky things going on this ancient mansion and Namu is there to investigate! After you’ve talked to mayor after coming back from the Ancient Underground City, check out the park’s messageboard for more information!

New monsters:

– Busty Ghost, Busty Ghost Sister, Ghost Momma and the spooky lady who wanders the mansion; Sarianne. All the ghosts have a chance to drop rare loot!

(The ghosts don’t have lewd animations at the moment)

3. Plenty of new weapons, rings and orbs available for Namu! Check out the Magic Shoppe and the Blacksmith!

4. Kiva the Slime Girl!

Kiva is a friendly slime girl who was tasked to guard the Earth Orb and taking care of the Temple of Maa’, where the Earth Orb is located. Kiva joins Namu to retrieve the Earth Orb!

5. New standing picture for Namu!

6. Experimental Magical Teleportation device is now available in Magic Shoppe for 1000g. This device will teleport you to Kau’punki from everywhere.

7. Plenty of tweaks to powers, weapons, armor.

Save included (Save slot 5, end of the Ancient Underground City)

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