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Overgrown:Genesis – 0.08.1

* The primary mission of the “Return to Brookside” questline is now ready and playable. Journey to Dangerzone North, and you’ll encounter old enemies Billy and Gavin, who have been at each others’ necks and left destruction in their wake. In this mission, the main goal is to retrieve the APC, which will allow the evacuation of the safezone to begin. Do note the safezone evacuation CAN start without completing the sidequests – but this will result in a penalty that I will expand upon in the next update.

* Dangerzone North maps have been added. These include the Suits HQ, the Garage, and the Flooded Basement.

* Added the new Reptile enemy, who comes ready with his “attack” scenes. His bad end scenes will be patched in shortly. Reptiles are found in watery/flooded areas. They replace the Crawlers in the Safezone Sewers.

* Watery/flooded maps now disable Juno’s ability to run, making it that much more terrifying when you see the new Reptiles and move at a crawl…

* The Runner’s bad end scene now has new CG!

* Added new sprites and facesets for the “Operative” (first seen in the hospital at Hamlin Square) and the “Soldier” (who you will find after the evacuation).

* All items now have relevant icons attached to them! A small, but essential cosmetic element!

* New item system that organises your loot for you!

* Experimental new “barter” system in place for all merchants that should make trading a less hectic affair.

* All those bottles of bleach you found now have a use. Certain areas of the map will be cut off or blocked by plant growth, which can be destroyed using bleach. These won’t block essential pathways, but instead things like loot and shortcuts.

* Small parts of Fort Patton are playable immediately post-evacuation. Will expand in later updates, especially with regards to how well you did in the evacuation process.

* SFX effects added here and there… too numerous to list individually.

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