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Office Seduction – 0.2 Final

Turned off possibility to lose job



1)We added new female character – Eva. You can see her in the shop and then speak with her. It is small part of introducing her as a character of sales managment. (plans about her in 0.3 version – add her in diary, creation an office room for her and one small quest.)
2) Fiona. You remember that she is an office cleaner. And we had a problems with her and Kelly parts of code. This version solve all conflicts and now we have separated labels for both of them. We added new point that count our meeting with Fi and block your meeting with her once again in one day.
Moreover – we fix small bug with communication between Bob and Fi when the game stops after some of variants. (For version 0.3 in plans allow Fi moving in working cab near finishing of working day, but it is not 100% :) )
3) The biggest addition. We created an everyday quest while you are working. It is simple clicker. The more hours you are working the more harder is difficulty of clicker. HINT: use space and mouse button.
4) Graphic improvement. Why did this version create so long ? The answer is – we completely reworked reception. We did it more friendly, warmer and nicer. You will see. It is really good. Compare and mark it.
5) We added new content with July. It connected with her passion of gumbling. Win her quiz and get some fapstuff. (small part of it) (In plans: version 0.3 brings us invite to her house)
6) Developing HR first event. We create one more repeatable part of “communication” with Mary. She wants more. You want more. We add more. (In plans – one mainplot quest with her and one of other character).
7) We added new plot-branch. It is about hero`s room and the secret of his bedroom.
8) New quest about strange bottle and new interview with Mary.
9) We added some small changes with speaking and fixed small problems with points.
10) We fixed problems with July mood and lust.
11) We working on timetables of characters and now almost 50% of it is ready. (How it works. At this moment all moving is under script control. We want to create a system of characters movement in game without dependence on main character. It will give us really full freedom from linear movings).

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