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Not my Body! – 12.1

  • First part of The Hunt
  • New grimoire, The Lust Seeker
  • Fifth part of Many Dull development
  • New clothe, gym uniform
  • New scene, Manny taking pics with the gym uniform
  • Reading images for clothes 19,20,21,22
  • Training gym and park pics for clothes 22
  • Seducing with clothes 22
  • New interactive backgrounds, store, library, highschool
  • New map, highschool
  • New hunt scenes, Manny groping Aisha’s boobs and Manny rubbing Aisha’s butt.
  • First part of the job scene in tuesday (seducing the boys)
  • Fixed bug in Ian’s fight
  • Fixed bug that make the game crash in the doggy style scene of the apartment scene after the club
  • A bug that sometimes crashed the game before beginning the conversation with NPCs.
  • Changed the icon of the exit in the minimarket.
  • Fixed a bug that stuck the game if you were at the gym at the same time that Aisha has to go to the waitress at night job.
  • Fixed bugged image when Aisha was training in the park with the gym uniform clothes.
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