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Night Games – MGHb3

Added Lick Pussy Art for Yui
Added Blowjob Art for Samantha
Added Kick Art for Jewel
Added Dildo Art for Kat
Added Angel/Reyka Threesome scene by Anon64
Added Angel/Cassie Threesome scene by Lica
Added Angel Night off scene by Lica
Added Jewel Night Off scene by WT Cash
Added Kat sex scene by CK, gives new perk: Affectionate
Added Yui intercourse defeat scene by Rex
Added Mara draw scene by WT Cash
Added extended Mara faerie play scene by Banana at high Arcane levels
Added Magic training scene
Added Faerie Prince and Princess to replace normal summons at Arcane 24
Added Faerie Princess art
Added Shadow Fingers upgrade to Dark Tendrils at Dark 24
Added new skill Beastform at Animism 18
Added new Flask Potent Aphrodisiac
Added new Potion Furry Elixir, which gives Beastform
Furry Elixir only spawns if player has unlocked Kat
Added modified sprites for NPCs affected by Beastform
Beastform gives a temporary tail, making it possible for the player to use Tailjob or Tail Peg while it’s active
Added new Consumable Power Band, which gives Prismatic Form
Added several new components used to craft toy upgrades
Added new daytime activity “Your Room”
Your Room contains an improved version of the Clothing Change menu
Added long term project: The Way of the Golden Cock
The Way of the Golden Cock can checked and advanced in Your Room
Advancing the Way of the Golden Cock gives some passive bonuses
Completing the Way of the Golden Cock lets player use the Golden Cock powerup in combat
Added The Gauntlet to Angel’s daytime visits
The Gauntlet involves trying to endure the sex techniques of Angel and her friends
Completing all four phases of The Gauntlet requires at least 340 max Arousal
Completing The Gauntlet gives the Legendary T-Shirt, which provides serious bonuses
Added long term project/toy: Sexcalibur
Sexcalibur is a new sex toy that can be upgraded at your room
Components to upgrade Sexcalibur can be found in Item Caches
Different attachments for Sexcalibur can be crafted based on advanced Attributes
Arcane attachment: drains Mojo from opponents
Science attachment: dissolves clothing
Ki attachment: restores Stamina
Dark attachment: bonus pleasure if target is Horny
Fetish attachment: bonus pleasure based on user’s arousal
Animism attachment: bonus pleasure if Feral or Beastform
Ninjutsu attachment: Sexcalibur can’t miss
Added alternate text to a large number of skills
Insatiable handicap is no longer offered to players who already have Insatiable
Fixed an issue checking Fuck Target challenge
Raised reward for Kissing challenge
Raised reward for Clothed Win challenge
Added a Complete tag to challeges in inventory after fulfilling them
Fixed an issue with Yui’s doubleteam vs Eve
Doubled Challenge envelope spawn rates
Removed Mojo bonus to Trip
Blindside now has more reasonable accuracy roll
Dark Talisman should be usable now (I implemented it over a year ago, but forgot to add it to the global skillpool. Sorry)
Treasure Seeker feat is significantly buffed
Enthralling Traps are now craftable by players with 9+ Dark
Players with 9+ Dark will gain Semen (required for Enthralling Traps) by successfully Masturbating during a match.
Added Semen to high level item caches
Overhauled Item Cache scaling. They are now on tiers based on Rank
Added tooltips to all status effects
Status effects can now apply temporary traits
Fixed an issue with Onahole damage calculation
Unupgraded Dildo and Onahole now have lower damage range and deal finishing pleasure
New Dildo upgrade: Dildo Luber, automatically applies lubricant
New Dildo upgrade: Slimy Dildo
New Onahole upgrade: Onahole Vibrator
New Onahole upgrade: Slimy Onahole
New Crop upgrade: Keen, doubles Treasure Hunter crit chance
New Crop upgraade: Shock Crop
New Tickler upgrade: Tickler Powder, chance to apply Horny on contact
New Tickler upgrade: Fluffy Tickler
Changed calculations for WinningRequirement comments
Fixed some issues with statuses not stacking properly
Barrier skill now creates a much more powerful shield that scales with Arcane
Fixed a crash with NPCs using Strapons on Hard mode
Changed the Hard mode AI to prioritize winning over weakening opponents
Fixed an issue with Masochism on Hard mode
Fixed an issue with the Drowsy status from Angel’s victory scene having the wrong target
Fixed a crash with Pleasure Bomb
Hopefully fixed a crash of unidentified cause
Fixed a crash when male faerie defeats fetish goblin
NPCs can now have multiple comments per situation
Romantic trait now provides a 20% increase to Kiss damage instead of a flat value
Reduced XP gain for intervening on a fight
Buffed Samantha’s Pro Handjob and Pro Fingering
When choosing Attributes on level-up or training, it will list upcoming unlockable skills
You can also check unlockable skills in your room.

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