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New Paths – 0.02e bugfix

v0.02D & v0.02E

Updated RPG maker to 1.6.1 this should fix many of the MAC problems. (I hope)
Bug fixes:

  • Sound didn’t stop with the voice actress work.
  • Time error after load.
  • 30+ bugfixes with the time plugin/events triggers (My fault)
  • Updated many of the plugins. And found some old code that are removed/fix.
  • Fixed many of the voice files. (removed much of the voice pause)
  • Bus stops now work as intended
  • 40+ smaller fixes to maps etc.


  • Fix library images.
  • Can now read with more outfits on.
  • Fix the big pictures with the new hair model and cloth tear.
  • Working to model new NPC (Female Lidka)
  • Flirting stat added to the sexual list.
  • Barista work skill added to the work list.
  • Steal stat added to the psyche list. (More info in the Other post.)
  • New NPC (Misha male)
  • Working on the new Face images (replaced the hair)
  • Added a tutorial at the start of the game. (different game mechanics etc)

Events added:

  • Barista event (work) Capital (still need work)
  • Solider event (random)
  • Confession
  • Mel store (work) Hometown
  • Misha drive you to capital or beach


  • Have spent some hours researching how the confession work. to get it as realistic as possible.
  • I have added small names under the NPC for dose that have anything with the story. Since many of the spirit are similar (see pick)
  • You will not get money from your mother at the end of the week if you pass the test. This event is gone.
  • It’s only natural to include the steal stat to the game when it comes to hunger and deprave. And yes, it has a function.
  • The new quest system gives the player the information that the Quest is out of content. And with the next release if there is content for that quest it will continue as normal where the text is gone. This will give the player(s) more information about what to do.
  • When you use the wait ability you get energy. Not much but some.
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