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Mythic Manor – 0.5

– More main events for all of the manor girls.
– A new multi-girl event.
– Jade’s storyline is now available!
– 11 levels for Jade have been added.
– Fishing is now available (at Magic Lake).
– Multiple fishing special events are available.
– More side events have been added.
– Esther’s dream event has been altered.
– Minor changes to dialogue and Thera images have been added.
– A new area is now accessible in the mall (with a new character).
– New character cards added to the Character Relationships Screen.
– Added unlockable PC wallpapers for the manor girls and Jade.
– Added purchasable posters to hang in your room (bought from High Vibes).
– Added more options around the manor.
– Raised base pay for writing articles slightly.
– $10+ patron names added to the PC.
– Updated the scene gallery.
– Updated the hints system.
– Updated the walkthrough.
– Other minor fixes and adjustments.

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