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My Sister, My Roommate – 0.8

– Clarified the relationship between Nikki and Taylor so they are childhood best friends. This caused old saves to not work anymore, so you’ll have to start a new game. Unintended consequence that no one is happy about ☹

– Once you get back to where the we left off:

– Our story continues…

– It’s Saturday, so it’s the day Taylor has to tutor Cory, but after last night’s fiasco in the restaurant, he’s not sure how the session will go.

– Taylor takes a shopping trip with Nikki and Molly, then will have the choice how to spend the afternoon.

– Then the night will finish up at a party, where the ending depends on the decisions made earlier in the day.

– 160 new renders for V.8 content

– I went back and cleaned up some particularly grainy or bad renders from early in the game.

– Added three new animations to the first sex scene with Mrs. Sollain from the first release demo – 23 new renders.

– All the main characters now have side images on the screen when they are talking.

– 160 new V.8 renders + 23 V.1 updated renders = 183 total new renders in this release.

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