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My Sex Quest – 0.15

Add action dialog Alina
Add action dialog Nata
Add new location: Mall Street
Add new location: Mall Shop
Add new location: Office Mall
Add new character: Kate
Add new event Interviewing job
Add new action: Masturbate in bathroom
New event at night with Natalie
Natalie new event with her girlfriend
NEW opportunity to spy through the keyhole
Now you can spy at night and day for the girls
Natalie now every day watching a movie in the living room
New events with Natalie in the living room
New event Preparation for exams with Alina
Now you can touch Alina at night
Fixed bug due to which there was no Saturday and Sunday
Add new sound sfx home
By default, the volume is set to 50%
Reworked Natalie home clothes
Completely reworked code
Fixed bugs found
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