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My Cute Roommate – 0.2.3

My cute cousin 0.2.3ch (“ch” – means with cheats)
– New storyline
– 2 new locations
– New gifts and stories related
– 5 new animations
– New mini-game
– Mini-games became easy
– Added cheat codes

– night scene with 2 different pajamas
– spying on dressing up in the morning and evening
– animation of 3 different exercises with 2 different outfits
– spying on exercises through the door and through the window
– 1 nightmare animation
– 1 sex dream animation

– 2 animations with handjob (you can change a view)
– 2 animations with dick kisses (you can change a view)

– photo session at cousin’s home
– photo session at Emily’s home with cosplay outfit and without

– Shows tits

– Striptease scene

– Exercise animation

– Mini fighting game. Sorry, but you can’t beat him yet )

Also there are 5 mini games to raise the skills, original TV show and a lot of nice renders. If you don’t like mini games you can use cheats.

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