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Monster Girl Dreams – Alpha v19.3

-The blue slime has received an update! She has a new attack path, and her existing attacks have been tweaked/edited. She no longer forces anal play, unless you have 120% or higher anal sensitivity. She also has a now has a new loss scene for her new attack path and her original scene has been tweaked and has an alternate version for no anal play.

-Lowered tech’s effectiveness at boosting turn order down to just your total tech from 1.5x your tech.
-Healing skills and recovery items the player uses now have a greatly increased chance to go first.
-Rehauled stat checks, they will be far less punishing and also a lot harder to auto pass now. As before you still get a d20 roll, now instead of your full stat added on you get Stat/5 rounded down and added on, in addition you get a luck roll based on Luck/5 with that being the max of the roll and the minimum being zero added to the check as well. All stat checks have been scaled back to accommodate this change let me know if you think I missed one. May still need tuning but should be much better in the long run.

-Art for the Blue slime by NickBeja! New artist to the art in the game. Check the game’s credits or on the patreon page to find more by them.

-Added IfSensitivityEqualOrGreater function for player sensitivity checks.

-Whimsical Bangle no longer provides 5 allure.
-The crit damage boosting perks now have better descriptions on how they work.
-Nicci can no longer use Nectar Nursing Handjob if you’re in the anal stance with her.
-Fixed one of Kotone’s cuddle scenes jumping to one of her dialogue menus.
-Shizu can no longer use bowing the mountain with her clones doing something to you already.
-Fixed an assortment of typo and scene display issues.
-You can now read perks effects and requirements for perks you don’t meet the requirements for.
-Fixed an issue where skills that required the user to be in no stance not getting interrupted by stances.
-Enemy orgasms/spirit losses are now more noticeable.
-The damage for core skills now actually does what it was supposed to do last patch.
-The elf threesome loss scene now actually uses there expressions.
-An issue with loss scene selection should now be fixed when super surrendering. And I hopefully didn’t accidently break something in the process.

Save Integrity: Good, probably. Make sure to load your old save in town!
Mod Integrity: Goodish. -Reminder to manually update your save in options while in town, if you want to use an old save when you add mods.

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