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Monster Girl Dreams – Alpha v19.1

Balancing Changes
-Consico Powder now removes 5 stacks of trance instead of 4.
-Excessive arousal no longer increases spirit loss. Meant to do this a while ago as it’s not well communicated in any way, will probably see some form of reimplementation at some point with specific enemies.
-The boss fight no longer has skills that apply 2 trance per round if they hit.
-Two of the temple bosses’ skills no longer apply trance and instead apply charm for a similar reason to above.
-Temple boss fight’s attack boost is now 300% from 400% so blocking it is more effective.
-Boosted some stats of the temple boss on normal and phase 1 hard.
-Lowered temple bosses rewards on normal.
-Phase 2 of the temple boss hard fight now has increased status effect resistances and slightly lower sensitivities to make it closer to on par with phase 1.
-Removed level requirement for the advanced thrust skills, increased stat requirement.

-Sophia now has art by Jiffic. Her combat and loss scene do not use her expressions yet, as her intended update for v20 will do things.

-SetArousalToXUnlessHigherThanX and SetArousalToXUnlessHigherThanXThenAddY functions added, mostly for lost scene purposes.
-IfPlayerArousalOverPercentOfMax – If the players arousal is over a certain percent, jump to scene. You can go over 100%!
-Monster additions now exist! Check monsterAdditionExample.json for an example! They replace dialogue if you add in a matching instance of dialogue, and can also add images to enemies who don’t have it much easier than existing methods.
-Adventure additions now exist, mostly if you want to replace an adventure’s deck entirely, but has some other functionality.

-Fixed an issue where ‘displayPlayerChoice’ or ‘displayMonsterChoice’, could crash the game if called before a menu.
-Fixed a crash caused by a targetHisorShe in a skill.
-Fixed Shizu’s masochism conversation from jumping to an event instead of a scene.
-A second Kunoichi trainee can no longer put you into the foot job stance if you’re in the anal stance with one already.
-Turning kunoichi trainee encounter’s on and off again work’s correctly now.
-Fixed the Tengu’s skill Gale Force breaking the game.
-Fixed an infinite loop error in the kunoichi fight on the mountain.
-Fixed Himika’s temptation move accidently switching to Mizuko’s in rare cases, as well as some incorrect trigger detecting for fetishes.
-Fixed talking to Minoni breaking time and space.
-Fixed an issue where beating the temple boss on hard could get you multiple instances of their reward.
-May have fixed an issue where analyze could crash the game.
-Fixed a name display issue in the last Temple boss intro.
-Fixed an issue where one of feng’s skills could crash the game.
-Fixed stances, status effects and targeting not displaying correctly for multi enemy fight’s with images.
-Fixed multiple enemies of the same kind in the same out of combat scene all changing their image to be the same.
-Fixed an issue where the wrong character’s expression could change in an instance where multiple enemies had images. Such as surrendering.
-Mizuko’s attack buff only lasts 1 turn instead of 2, like it was supposed to.
-Himika’s restrain skill can no longer be used if the player is in the face sit stance.
-displayCharacters now clears the monster encounter to remove extras from loss scenes, as fun as the extra characters on screen could be.
-Kotone’s reward now properly gives it’s reward.

-Kunoichi trainee victory scene edits and other assorted edits by WilliamTheShatner

Save Integrity: Good, probably. Make sure to load your old save in town!
Mod Integrity: Goodish. -Reminder to manually update your save in options while in town, if you want to use an old save when you add mods.

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