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Monster Girl Dreams – 18.1 Alpha


-Monster orgasm dialogue is now displayed a bit differently, taking the redundant generic line out.

-The circular scroll bar for perks/fetishes can now be left and right click to be moved, this is a band aid fix until it’s set up to be moved like a normal scroll bar for the people who have been having issues with it, let me know if it helps or not.

-Character creation now properly starts your selected fetish at level 3 instead of 2.

-Tengu’s will no longer use Gale Force if you’re restrained.

-Characters now get a 2 turn charm immunity after recovering from charm by any means.

-Kunoichi Trainee’s have 25 less max arousal.

-Kunoichi Trainee’s now have a new erotic kiss skill to use while making out.

-The escape artist perk now helps you escape from the Tengu’s and Aiko’s combat event restraints.


-The matango now emotes in combat.

-Vivian now changes expressions as well.

-Added mediocre temp backgrounds to the temple.


-Added the ApplyStatusEffectQuietly function, works the same as ApplyStatusEffect but does not display a line.

– SetArousalToMax function added, sets player arousal to max.

– Added ChangeArousalByPercent and ChangeEnergyByPercent to changes players arousal or energy based on maximum of the stat.

Bug Fixes

-Getting all your fetishes fixed at the statue will no longer crash the game if using an older save file, in addition the game will now properly track newly added fetishes correctly. Note: If you gained temporary monstrous fetish before this patch, it’s probably permanent.

-While making out with kunoichi’s they will no longer get Aiko’s make out skill instead of their normal erotic mist skill.

-Losing to the tengu normally no longer crashes the game.

-Going back to the entrance to the will trail room no longer has Minoni pop up for no reason.

-Enemy names should no longer be speaking after combat.

-Using trance removal items out of combat now works properly.

-Fixed an issue where the PlayerOrgasmNoSpiritLoss function was skipping dialogue and other lines.

-When fighting two Kunoichi trainees the can no longer give you a blowjob and fuck you at the same time.

-Should no longer have weird occasions where you’re exploring somewhere after being at the temple, then getting warped back to the temple.

-Ass path for one of the will tests no longer smashes you with an extra 500 arousal instead of the intended 50.

-Kotone’s quiz can no longer send you to fight a kunoichi trainee.

-The second treasure chest on the red side no longer warps you back to the first chest.

-FocusedSpeaks function now properly gives quotation marks to characters.

-A certain perk no longer condenses itself in the perk list and makes things look bad.

-Fixed an issue with Vivian’s name not displaying in the intro.

-Fixed two elves sometimes not starting a threesome when they beat you.

-Getting you fetishes fixed at the goddess statue can no longer set them below 0. This issue was most likely caused by the issues with the monstrous fetish, using the statue to fix your fetishes will fix and negative fetishes.

-Fixed the player’s equipment not updating to support the trance status effect and related crash.

-Applying status effect buffs or nerfs to the player via events now works correctly.

-Kunoichi Trainee’s can no longer use Super erotic mist when they aren’t supposed to be able to.


-Copious writing fixings courtesy of WilliamTheShatner. But not everything for the temple has been gone over yet. So still expect typos and such. But the Harpy Tengu’s lines are now have more differences compared to the normal harpies.

Save Integrity: Good, probably. Make sure to load your old save in town!

Mod Integrity: Goodish. -Reminder to manually update your save in options while in town, if you want to use an old save when you add mods.

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