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Monarh: The Rebirth – 0.0.4

corrected the areas of Mount Paraphilia where you could walk off the ledge into nothing bypassing needing to use the bridges

The player will no longer turn invisible if you interact with the bed in the Gamic Inn

Removed several meaningless chests on and in Mount Paraphilia, eventually I will get back around to re adding several with appropriate level gear and rewards inside on a personal note most of the chests were added as decoration to begin with

so many people have messaged me about the “Bad Kitty” quest that I added a prompt when you enter the Jenson’s house for the first time with that quest you will be notified the item you need to lure the cat is in there

Richards horse disappears correctly now after beating the bandit boss in Mount Paraphilia

added a new plug-in that displays the version in the top right corner

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