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Melody – 0.0.7 Extras

MELODY is now back at college, returning to class with best friend Sophia, and starts to make plans for life away from living with her step-father Arnold.
Record producer Hank Sharp will contact you, her manager, that may or may not affect Melody’s potential music career.
Your blossoming relationship with Melody will be put to the test, when an old flame comes looking for you.
How will you react to her sudden arrival, just when you thought everything in your life was going so well?
REBECCA fans rejoice! Your favorite girl next door is feeling much better and if you saw our preview picture a couple of weeks ago, you’ll finally be able to join her for an early morning hike.
If you’re on her path, then you’ll start one of the days of the game with her. But what will happen between you and sweet Becca by the end of the night?
Going by this month’s lewd gallery poll votes, XIANNE is fast becoming a fan favorite as well.
And she too will feature in some important scenes during this update. Will you or Melody find out the truth about her mysterious night job?
Or will she remain tight-lipped about that for now?
Unfortunately for AMY fans, Melody’s stunning aunt won’t feature this time around. But expect her to return for the next release during Week 9.
And for those hoping to see more of SOPHIA, your prayers have been answered! Look out for another intimate scene featuring the two BFF’s, about halfway through the game.
Also, Level 4 or “Be loveable”, can also be attained in this update, if you manage to crack the 150-point mark.
Just like the last few weeks of the story, there are plenty of Melody points to be gained, plus some bonus, alternate and animated scenes (for the $20+ Patrons) and some new sexual positions too! ;)
Scenes with audio
Due to some problems we encountered in the lead-up to this release, some of our audio has been removed from the game and it will be replaced during next month, in time for the release of v0.0.8.
Extra Scenes for $20 Patrons:
Note: “Bonus” scenes will feature if you make the right decisions during the game and if you are on that character’s specific path.

– Footjob from Melody in the bath (animated version)
– Melody driving topless (bonus scene)
– Teasing Melody’s crotch
– Fingering Melody’s slit
– Fingering scene with Melody
– Squeezing Melody’s ass x2
– Doggy style with Becca (animated scene)
– Body-to-body massage from Xianne x2 (animated scene)
– Handjob from Xianne (animated scene)
– Melody using a dildo on Sophia (animated scene)
– Blowjob from Becca (animated scene)
– Doggy style with Becca (animated scene)
– Cowgirl with Decca (animated scene)
– Grinding Melody scene (animated scene)
– Nipple tease scene (animated scene)
– Handjob from Melody (animated scene)
– Blowjob from Melody (bonus animated scene)
– Melody sucking the MC’s balls (bonus animated scene)
Final Words
As always, if you find any errors or bugs in the current update of the game, please post them up on our Community Board or in the comments section below.
We will have them fixed asap and post up an update version of this release within the next week.
I hope you enjoy playing MELODY v0.0.7, and again, a huge thank you for supporting us during its production. Please help us further by spreading the word about either of our visual novels, as we’d love to continue making these kinds of games for you guys (and girls) for several more years to come!
Have a great day, and we hope you enjoy the newest update of MELODY!


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