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Melody – 0.0.6

Things are really beginning to take off between you and Melody as we begin the last week of your private lessons with her, before she heads back to college next week.

Some crucial decisions will need to be made this week, and a major choice that will determine whether you want to continue dating MELODY, or if you just see her as your student and friend.

Those that are playing multiple paths and are hoping for a happy ending (no, not that kind!) with one of the other girls, will have to carefully consider their decision when this

scene between you and Melody takes place, very early in this update…

NOTE: The Melody “friendship” path will be implemented later in the game. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to work on both paths simultaneously. So, what will happen is, the game will continue on as if you are romantically interested in Melody for now, even if you choose to be friends with her.

Once it comes to deciding which girl you want to be with (presuming you’re dating one of the other girls in the game), then the Melody friendship path will be added.

There will be more information on this in a future update.

There is also another very important decision to make later in the update, that will affect the outcome of Melody’s music career.

If you have the walkthrough, then this decision will be made much more easier for you to make!

AMY returns this week, and she’s hoping to more than make up for leaving you hanging since the last time met up with her in her hotel room.

Will your date with her this week lead to something magical? And is she the type of woman that you’re willing to fully commit yourself to?

And what about those of you who are not only fans of Melody’s best friend and cheerleader SOPHIA, but also voted for her in this month’s Lewd Gallery poll (where she was a clear winner)? If you allowed her to slowly corrupt our female lead Melody, are you hoping for a bit more action between the two BFF’s?

Play the game, and find out what happens…

Quite a number of you were happy to see the mysterious but hard-working Asian college girl XIANNE reappear in our last update.

And she’ll be making another appearance or two again this week. Not only is she good with her hands, but she’s also great at listening to other people’s problems, and giving out good advice, as though she were Confucius himself!

Unfortunately for REBECCA fans, our nerdy girl next door will be taking a backseat in this update, due to having the flu and her mother being in town to look after her.

However, there will be a moment during this week where she will be important to future scenes, due to what she sees and what she is told.

Look out for that scene at some point in the game, regardless if you’re on her path or not.

With this particular release, there are heaps of Melody points to be gained this time around, plus some bonus, alternate and animated scenes (for the $20+ Patrons), rolling WIP’s of the female characters (aside from Becca this time), as well as a couple of different sexual positions for one character in particular

Scenes with audio

Again, it was great to come up with some fresh audio options for the music scenes in our game, some of which aren’t just for the lesson scenes that feature Melody and Sophia.

Putting a certain style of new music to Melody’s vocals was challenging, to try and make it believable that she’s capable of not only singing in two different styles, but that she could indeed be the same person singing up on stage for these different genres of music.

Lewd Gallery

We ran a poll for our $20+ Patrons to find out which female character you would like to see feature in our Lewd Gallery.

So for this month, there will be eight new pictures dedicated to Sophia for the very first time!

We will run another poll for our $20+ Patrons within the next week or two

Extra Scenes for $20 Patrons:

Note: “Bonus” scenes will feature if you make the right decisions during the game and if you are on that character’s specific path.

– Rolling WIPs (Melody, Sophia and Amy)

– MC fingering Amy (animated version)

– Amy sucking the MC’s balls (animated version)

– Amy giving the MC a blowjob (animated version)

– Amy deepthroat (animated version)

– MC fucking Amy (Missionary) (animated version)

– MC fucking Amy (Reverse Cowgirl) (animated version)

– Sophia fingering Melody (animated version)

– Melody and Sophia french kiss (bonus scene)

– Sophia oral sex on Melody (bonus scene)

– Melody in bed with the MC. Boob grabbing, playing with nipple and teasing covered pussy (animated scene)

– Melody teasing the MC’s crotch (animated scene)

Final Words

MELODY v 0.0.7 will not be released until late December, due to the fact that we will be working on our other game next month.

As always, if you find any errors or bugs in the current update of the game, please post them up on our Community Board or in the comments section below.

We will have them fixed asap and post up an update version of this release within the next week.

I hope you enjoy playing MELODY v0.0.6, and again, a huge thank you for supporting us during its production. Please help us further by spreading the word about either of our visual novels, as we’d love to continue making these kinds of games for you guys (and girls) for several more years to come!

Have a great day, and we hope you enjoy the newest update of MELODY!


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