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Man of the House – 0.6.7 Extra


New content

· Extended an existing event chain for Ashley.
· Extended an existing event chain for Veronica.
· Added a new event chain for Claire.
· Added a new location.
· Added a new NPC.
· Added a new splash and menu screen.


· Savegame names are now automatically generated (but you can still change them).
· Maxed stats are now listed in green on your phone contacts list.
· Increased the scroll speed for the phone and achievements, when using the scroll wheel on your mouse.


· The game now checks if it has the required permissions when trying to write savegames/thumbnails.
· You now have to buy the dildo, before you can actually have Amy use it.
· Fixed a bug that caused the massage oil dialog with Amy to reappear.
· The grindmaster child achievements now show the stat value instead of “???”, after gaining a point for the corresponding stat.
· The mood lock no longer gets cancelled by using the wait dialog.
· Fixed a lot of minor bugs and typos again. Thanks for all the feedback & bug reports guys!


· Added some more bonus images to the extra version.

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